MYSTRYAL is a DETECTIVE SERIES set in a FANTASY WORLD similar to the ELDER SCROLLS or THE LORD OF THE RINGS. This is the WEB NOVEL version- put online with hopes to be picked up and published one day.

That is to say, THE AUTHOR wrote three books and got tired of sitting on them, so he decided to make a blog to host it until that day.


My name is Calum Traveler, and I’ve been interested in the exploration of fantasy worlds ever since I was introduced to the video games MYST and RIVEN at an early age. Ever since, I’ve held a firm desire to see the underlying pins that hold a world together, and see how the events of the past reflect on the future. That desire lead me to writing some rather interesting crossover fanfiction, and running a history night for Myst Online URU Live for several years. Now, years later, here we are, and I’m writing something a bit more original.


You are ALLOWED:

To write fanfic!
To draw fanart!
To make videos!


To make audio books.
To sell any content relating to Mystryal.