What comes after 6?

After Book 6 finishes uploading here in a couple of weeks, I’ll be putting a pause on uploading here for a while. I have Books 7 and 8 that I could post here, but I’m going to wait to get to work on those until after I’ve finally gotten Books 1-3 published. And I mean really published. Like, buy it as a book somewhere.

There’s some stuff that needs to happen first for those things to fall into place. A lot of boring behind-the-scenes stuff you probably don’t care about. One of those things is finishing a project that’s been stalled and nagging at me for years now.

If you’ve been following me from before with Dovah’s Mind, then you know that’s sort of been in the lurch for a while, as my choices have either been “Return to YouTube” or “Stop making videos for it all together.”

Well, the latter option doesn’t mean I’m dropping the project. I want to give it a conclusion. So I’ll be writing up what plans I had as a small story thing to post there and over on AO3 in a while. I’ve been on quite a writing spree on AO3 already in a stress burning project (Mainly to try and get past the stupid writers block holding me back on Book 9), so I’m going to try to direct some of that energy over to a Dovah’s Mind conclusion for a bit.

What else needs to be done for 1-3 release that I can talk about? A hefty rewrite of books 2 and 3, and a thorough review of the current rewrite of 1, PLUS drawings. I need to get the internal artwork for those novels done.

I’m going to try to make 2018 the year of me getting my act together, and unfinished projects, well, polished to a finish.

I’ll try to keep you in the loop here, but chances are I’ll be updating more regularly elsewhere. A-Xros Space and Time will likely get more frequent updates regarding artwork previews and such, and my AO3 PAGE will be where shit gets posted for the current writing projects I’m working on, plus the Dovah’s Mind stuff will go there too, most likely.

Thanks for reading Mystryal, everyone! I hope you’ll all like the conclusion to Book 6, and will support the official release once it’s out! (No Idea When That Will Be Though >_>)

_Calum Traveler