April 3rd, 1619.

Nahgi Llewellyn was nervous as the final report came in that night.

There was no sign of the Ghost anywhere.

At the very least, Cah’le was able to take possession of Yaovi’s remains and give them a proper burial, so today hadn’t been a complete waste of time…

Yet, the fact that there could be a malevolent spirit wandering around her islands doing who knew what made Nahgi uneasy in a way that finding out that Yaovi had left behind an indestructible skeleton just sort of failed to do.

She was sure that, at some point, that damned ghost was going to start causing trouble… But, hopefully, the danged thing would choose to remain silent until they’d settled this nasty business with Kyiahlnah and her cult, as well as dealing with her own Father, who seemed to be involved in some kind of conspiracy group of his own.

Wasn’t that going to be a lovely conversation if he was still alive.

“HI DAD!” She would begin, “GUESS WHAT?”

“Oh, what?” he’d ask.

“I KNOW YOU KILLED MOM!” And then she’d stick cupcakes on a stick through his eyes- one cupcake each. One with the letter “F” and the other with the letter “U” written on top.

She processed that little mental encounter for a few moments, and then… Nahgi’s hands hit her face with a slap as she groaned, “I need a therapist.”

Malowrath Rose watched sadly as her friend, Remains Silent, was buried by a girl the ghost could only assume was the skeleton’s daughter.

What a sad day this was…

“I KNOW!” The ghost perked up, beaming with a smile, “Don’t you worry, Aress! I’ll keep your daughter company! I’ll be like… her imaginary friend! How’s that sound?”

By this point, the skeleton, of course, was half buried beneath the hill’s surface and couldn’t speak even if it wanted to.


“Okay! I won’t let you down!”

And so she followed the young Cah’le around like a lost puppy drawn to a magnet. And she’d continue to follow her through the Cat’s tunnels, and then to places unknown.

Malowrath liked the tattoo lady, though, and it only briefly made the ghost sad that she couldn’t get a tattoo of her own that would stay with her for more than one body. They shared a name!!

How cool was that?


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