April 2nd, 1619.

The fact that Mikari had brought home not only breakfast, but a girlfriend, was something that Lizzy Smith wasn’t quite sure what to make of, and she wasn’t sure if it was because said girlfriend- a Leprechaun girl by the name of Faye- was just too excitable… or if it was because of the damned rune work etched onto the skin of her right thigh.

It was a beautiful masterpiece of a rune- but damn if it wasn’t an eyesore to her regular eyes. Whoever had crafted it- let alone etched it onto the girl’s skin- was a master of their craft. Lizzy wanted to meet them- she actually wanted to meet someone who could create a rune that blanked out any and all tracking spells that tried to find her.

Still, as beautiful as the rune work was, the fact that Faye needed one was… Disconcerting.

Who the hell would be tracking her- and with what- to require such a powerful blocking rune?

Nobody good, that much was certain.

“Okay, once we’re done eating, we’ll see how Cah’le’s doing, and then head over to Ayako’s,” Tyler said with a nod of confirmation at the plan.

Lizzy sighed, and poked at her breakfast- sugary breakfast donuts… Why hadn’t she insisted on making breakfast again?

…Oh, yeah, right. She’d nearly died in an explosion yesterday. That would curb anyone’s enthusiasm for cooking breakfast for oneself.

It was then that there was a knock at the door.

All four of them stilled- and Mikari nodded to Tyler- who got up quickly and went to hide in Mikari’s bedroom, where Cah’le was presently sleeping- before getting up herself and heading to the door.

“Yeah?” She answered- “Oh! Detective Kaie! What’s up?” From the surprised look on Faye’s face, Lizzy assumed that Mikari might not have had the best of time lying in the past.

“Nahgi sent me to give you all a message, Tyler included,” Kaie answered. “Is he here?”

“Nop~pe!” Mikari popped the P as she lied, “I haven’t seen him all morning!” She then snapped her fingers, “OH! But I did run into someone I haven’t seen in a while! She’s here right now- do you wanna meet her, or-?”

“No, just,” Kaie shook his head, “tell Tyler when you see him next that we’re meeting up at Kana’s apartment for an important thing. Hergie and Hecate aren’t going to be there. No need to worry about Cah’le, okay? We’re aiming to get everyone together in about an hour. I just called Kana and she said Ayako was over there right now, so I told them to stay put while I went and told everyone to meet up.”

“What’s this meeting about?” Mikari frowned. “Last night?”

“What we’re talking about is in response to that, yeah, but for the most part it’s something…” Kaie trailed off. “Oh, right, also. I’m supposed to ask you if you can get the other kids from your Black Arms class to come in too. This involves them too. Anyways, I gotta get going over to Ayako’s apartment before Kendal or Tsukia leave. Talk to you later.” And with that, he left at a quick walk, allowing Mikari to close the door, and turn around with a bemused look on her face.

“Well, that was interesting,” she remarked.

“Am I invited too?” Faye asked, seemingly joking, but…

“Yes you are,” Mikari nodded. “I gotta introduce you to everyone anyways, so… no better time than a mystery meeting that we don’t know what it’s about!”

“You say that like we don’t know it’s about,” Tyler remarked as he exited the bedroom.

“Well, we have a rough idea, anyways,” Mikari remarked. “…Anyways, I need to go make some phone calls.” And so she absconded from the door towards the phone.

“How’s Cah’le?” Lizzy asked Tyler as he sat back down.

“Awake, tired, wishing Yaovi was still alive,” Tyler shook his head. “At least she wasn’t glaring daggers at me when I went in.”

“I doubt she was ever really mad at you,” Lizzy put a hand on his shoulder. “She just lost someone important to her.”

“Speaking of,” Tyler looked over to Lizzy, “how are you holding up?”

“You mean besides being blown up after seeing my parents dead corpses?” Lizzy asked rhetorically, refusing to meet his eyes. “Just fine and dandy! No need to worry about me!”

“No need to be sarcastic,” Tyler grumbled, and then got up from his seat, grabbing the spare plate with the extra doughnut on it that they’d saved for Cah’le as he went. “I’m gonna go see if Cah’le’s hungry enough to eat.”

And thus, he left.

“Zuzol, you’re an idiot,” Lizzy grumbled under her breath- inaudible to most people… except most people weren’t thieves with ghostly, invisible cat ears that could pick up on the tiniest of sounds.

Faye wisely said nothing.


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