April 1st, 1619.

Ahr’tur Llewellyn shoved the Magical Healing Lamp onto shelf Eight Nine Five of the Restricted Isle’s containment vault. “Waatt,” He said, solemnly, “I want a team of mages working on figuring out how the hell this thing works. Reverse Engineer it. Make it ours. Make it Safe.

There was no way Russel was right. That he’d stolen that technology before… If he’d actually published it then surely the boy had stoen it from there.

The Sylph Teacher standing behind him nodded as he said, “We’ll have it done, Ahr’tur.”

They turned to leave… unaware that meanwhile, several shelves away, a certain half crystal in an enchanted protection bubble began to pulse.

Faneroz Doloma locked the bedroom door, leaving the two Ascendant Twins locked in their room.

Kyiahlnah- the Princess who had left them very specific instructions and NOT the brat of a girl who was clearly having rebellious thoughts- would be able to watch from beyond the grave as they launched the first major strike against the current world order. She’d already had her wounds healed by their healer, save for everything except her hair, which they couldn’t fix for some reason, bizarrely enough. Oh well, perhaps it would give the brat some time to think on her failure.

The Mages Guild may have once started out as a cult worshiping the Princess, but it was far, FAR more than that now. The Princess’s plan was a good one… but it was one written in the moment of being a spirit possessing a body. A good plan could only need a few tweaks to become a GREAT plan.

In the Princess’ memory- though she was reincarnated, she was not the glorious leader she had once been when alive for the first time- they would become like her. They would take their rightful place among the stars, and escape this Prison Planet that the so called Creators had trapped them on. Kyiahlnah, so long ago, had wanted the Soul Bonds broken… oh, they would do that, and they would do so much more.

They would do SO. MUCH. MORE.

And so what if the plan to kill those meddling Detectives had failed?

There was nothing any of them could do to stop what they were about to do here tonight.

Faneroz Doloma entered the Laboratory, and stared down from her balcony entrance upon the works of her finest men and women.

The Checkmate Bomb was ready.

Ten crimson Zyparian Crystals molded in the shape of King and Queen chess pieces were placed in a circle around a larger Crystal- a perfect sphere of crimson red Zyparian Crystal. All of these were mounted into gyroscopic tracks that, when the bomb was armed, would circle and circle until detonation.

If their calculations were correct, the ensuing explosion would be enough to wipe the entire Aura’s Dawn chain off the map… let alone two tiny islands home to a bunch of mewling detectives.

“ATTENTION!” the Leprechaun woman cried out- and all eyes turned upwards towards her. “Oh, my dear Mages Guild… TONIGHT! Tonight we strike out at the Creator’s prison, and we will fight to escape. We will get our freedom from the bastards holding us here, and we will kill anyone who gets in our way.”

She looked over them all- Lycans, Spriggains, Dragons, Gnomes, Lamias, Iconox, and Elves of all types. Only the Humans and pure-bread wolves were missing… The Humans and Wolves who would be entirely wiped out once the new and improved version of the Cataclysm Plague was let loose into the world. Kyiahlnah’s desires- though she had never written them down- were very clear in the footsteps of history.

The Plague had never finished its job, because the Creators had intervened.

Today, the start to rectifying that would begin.

“Tonight,” Faneroz spoke, grinning, “We will restart the fires of the Cataclysm War anew. We will burn it all down… and from the ashes, we will RULE EVERY STAR!

“RULE ALL STARS!” her fellow Mages Guild members all cried out.

“LAUNCH THE CHECKMATE BOMB!” Faneroz Doloma ordered with a triumphant yell.

In the catacombs of the Restricted Isle’s security Vault lay a certain shelf with a certain piece of Zyparian Crystal resting on it. A bit away, was a healing lamp just recently placed. On each, hidden in plain sight there was a name carved onto the two items.

The name of Kyiahlnah the Princess… but due to its small size, nobody who had looked at it had noticed that there were extra details to the Runework that were off of the standard summoning mark. This rune held no magical properties other than that it simply existed. It did nothing beyond slightly press down upon subspace in a way that was identifiable to certain spells and magical devices.

In laymans terms: it was a tracking rune. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned recently about tracking devices… they’re generally used in teleporters of various types.

Ordinarily, a tracking rune hidden away in the secure, heavily warded Restricted Island’s vaults would never be able to function, especially from another dimension… One rune would never be able to help pinpoint an exact location.

But two? Two points to track, compared to a third, terrestrial location… Well suddenly you had a triangle of sorts. And triangles, especially if two end points are fairly lose together, with the third further away… can form a line.

In the Mages Guild Laboratory, a multitude of scanning dishes began encircling a large section of space. The ground was marked with the Third Rune- the same shape. But the rune itself would not be teleported. No, instead, the Checkmate Bomb and the Mages in fully enchanted armor standing in a circle around it would be the ones to teleport.

The Mages Guild all checked their magi-tech rifles, and ensured they were not set to stun. Their leader barked out the orders to stand perfectly still, and they did.

The rapidly circling plates began to glow- and then everything within a certain circular radius began to glow a blueish white light- VWRRRRRRRRRR and then with a PVZHUUUMP!

The Mages Guild strike team and their Weapon were gone.

On Kono Yisela, in the Student Apartment building, on a certain desk…

A voltmeter’s needle shot to “Active.”

Lizzy Smith was there to see it, and blinked in confusion.

Unlike the older version of this teleportation technology that we have previously seen, it didn’t swap whole spherical sections of space. No, instead, it only took things that had a different, very specific tracking sigil applied to them and put them in the same world space that another tracking sigil was pressing down upon.

In the Mystyral Restricted Island’s vault, with the same “VWRRRRRR” and “PVZHUUMP”, the mages and their bomb appeared in an open space directly between the gap of Shelf Eight Nine Six and Shelf Eight Nine Five.

Of course, this version of the transport technology had a side-effect that was deemed irrelevant to the operation at hand. When these mages and their bomb appeared- space rippled outwards with a minor concussive force, rattling the shelves around them and kicking up dust everywhere.

Needless to say, a set of silent Alarms were sounded, and High-rank Magic trained Guards came rushing in to see what the fuss was about. Rounding the corner to this specific section, they stopped as the danger became evident. Several Magi-tech rifles were raised up with high powered whining sounds.

Spells and magi-tech guns fired off in opposite directions- only one side were set to stun.

The Restricted Isle’s Mage-Guards fell dead to the ground- precision shots to the head meant they would not be getting back up again in this life time.

The leader of this strike team cracked a frosty grin as they turned to his team, and ordered them, “Demo-man, remove the Seal on the Bomb, and start it up. Everyone else- loot what you can and kill anyone who gets in your way!”

“RULE THE STARS!” His team cried out as one as they accepted their orders.

Nahgi Llewellyn, Mystryal Detective Agency’s Chief, stared at the projected image of what had just happened. A heartbeat passed as she processed the events. A strike team had just teleported in somewhere unknown, and somehow pierced not only the wide spanning wards keeping the Mystryal Islands hidden away, but also the very precise and exacting wards that were made to keep whatever was in the Restricted Island at the time safe.

Safe from the people who had just breached their security with- if her ears had heard the grainy voice correctly- a bomb.

Chief Llewellyn roared out of her office, ordering that the Status Condition of the islands be set to Stage Zero- Security Breach: Bomb Threat- and that Yuugo Yisela’s population be evacuated as soon as possible.


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