March 15th, 1619.

A Leprechaun girl with golden blond hair and vibrant green eyes scowled as she put down her binoculars. “Another one,” she grimaced.

This was getting ridiculous. Eugene’s request that she dig into some bastard of a blackmailer and his former acquaintances’ lives was one she’d gladly take up again in a heart beat given who the request had originally come from, but it had been months now since she’d taken up the job and every person on that list she’d come to spy on/steal from was…

They were all a part of the same group that her parents had been a part of. The same people she’d run away from at that party. The same people that…

Idly, the girl reached up and touched the back side of her head, feeling where her longer hair had recently been cut short by a very sharp sword.

Still… she wouldn’t be getting anywhere just sitting here.

She couldn’t just go up and ask them about Ahr’tur Llewellyn, no way no how. Because they’d likely just as soon try to kill her than actually talk with her. And while sometimes she lucked out and was able to sneak into their houses, today that just felt like tempting fate too hard. These people were DEFINITELY the kinds of people to kill a thief that didn’t belong before asking questions about WHY a thief had broken into their place.

And so the teen-aged thief got up from her perch and began making her way across the rooftops of a random city on a random place on the map selected at pure random by throwing a knife at a globe.

She was pretty sure that was what this most recent name on the list had done, really, going by their movement patterns over the last year and a half. Just like her parents.

The girl’s spectral cat ears and tail flared up in warning- and she heeded the instinct to duck.

A split second later, a magical spell shot over through the air where her head would have been.

“FUCK!” She swore, and took off at a run across the rooftops, even as some random house guard took pot shots at her with what looked to be an ice spike spell.

‘Gene, you are SO not paying me enough for this!!’ she growled in her head as she dove across the rooftops until she spotted her exit strategy: A door seemingly leading deeper into a random apartment building, but marked with a glowing rune- the logo of Hergie’s Cat’s Guild.

She threw the door open and ducked inside, slamming it closed behind her even as an ice spike crashed into the real door that the mystical portal had been overlaid on top of.

For a few precious moments, the girl breathed in and out to settle her breath, then relaxed. “Fucking Hell, Alcor, Mizar, and every single one of you… What is it with these people and ‘kill first, ask questions later’!?”

She definitely wasn’t getting paid enough for this. Not one bit.


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