TVB – “What Do You See?”

“What do you see?”

Kyiahlnah looked up as her mother smiled at her and serenely asked that question of so many rammifications.

“What do you see, Kyiahlnah?”

The young princess sat there for a moment, then looked back down upon the tablet covered in spell runes before her, and she answered. “I see a bond forged through time. I see the cruel means of tying two souls together for an eternity with no way to break it.”

Her mother gave her a frown, and asked, “What is wrong with two souls staying together even across death?”

“What’s wrong with it?” Kyiahlnah glared at the text on the stone. “It treats the actions of one version of a soul above all others as sacrosanct. It treats them as a bond to last the ages!! Where is the choice in that? Where is the free will? Where there should be a soul’s free choice to reunite with a lover- there is instead the cold steel chains binding them for eternity.”

Her mother, concerned for that choice of phrasing, asked her “Why do you think of it that way?”

“Because there is no way to break it. This spell… it governs all who are bound under it equally without the option to release.” She snarled, “To use such a thing… magic like this… would your flames not chafe under these bonds if you and father were made to marry under the wills of some person you’d never met? Some person you once were, but had stopped being?”

“Well,” her mother began…

“Well nothing about it!” Kyiahlnah snapped. “One day I should ask the others and see what THEY think of their past lives coming to infringe upon their modern rights… if they are so okay with manipulating others in this way…” She dared not finish the thought aloud, for her mother was close to tears now.

And why? Why was she so upset over this idea? Why was she so upset that Kyiahlnah looked upon these chains and found their crafter lacking?


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