Dear, Alec,

How’s Mystryal? Things are boringly bad here. Dad’s banned Uncle Damien from the liquor cabinet cause he‘s had one of his drinking induced rants again. I think I’ve lost count how many times he‘s done this now. Mom said you‘re welcome back for the Glitter Festival this year.

They gave us a bogus assignment for homework in Poetry. We’re supposed to write a ‘romantic song’ about the Cataclysm war.

…I can’t even write it. It’s that bad of an idea.

Why do they give us these assignments? We all think the essay is just in so poor taste. Especially if you consider all of the historical ramifications. You just can’t write a romantic poem about that time without considering all of that negative stuff. And to my teacher I ask, because you didn’t want to make the kids aware of how bad the war was, what’s the point to becomeing a song writer?

I can see why you wanted to leave so badly. I hate that they’re making us write this kind of drivel. I’d rather be reading our letters again and again rather than get stuck with this assignment.

I’d rather not have to romanticize war and be a writer who is honest about history. Maybe I can get Cassie and Jack to help me convince the teacher we should do something else instead.

Aunt Jasmine says I shouldn’t wimp out of it, but I really don’t think it’s a good idea to do it. It makes me really uncomfortable. I can’t stay with this assignment any longer than absolutely necessary.

Please write back soon about if you’re coming back to visit. Let me know so I can tell Mom if she will have to change the plan to make more or not.

Your little sister,



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