“Tsukia, I’m going to have to cut this short today,” Miri sighed as she sat next to the still coma-bound girl. “I heard from the Doctors today. They said you’re healing up great.” But there was still no clue as to whether or not she’d ever wake up. “So there’s been a break in on an island in the Jaw’s Tusk chain. Some robbers broke into a pizza place and stole mascot costumes and shot the manager. I only just found out when I got here, so I gotta be quick.”

Tsukia, of course, held no answer.

“Tsukia, I…” Miri trailed off, letting the sound of the heart monitor fill the silence. “I really wish you’d wake up. Tony and Aya have been great with helping me baby proof the apartment, but… I keep thinking that you should be there. That we should be going through this together because…” Because of what?

Because of Tsukia’s dad? Because the baby would technically be Tsukia’s half-sister in some kind of weird relationship tangled web?

“Because you deserve to be awake. Because you deserve to be here for all of this.” Miri decided. “Because you shouldn’t be lying in a bed with your insides burnt to a crisp because a demon possessed you!!”

Tsukia didn’t so much as flinch.

“It’s been FOUR MONTHS, Tsukia!!”

The heart monitor didn’t so much as speed up.

“Lizzy’s got some magic psychic thing going on, Yuki’s got these extra classes taking up her time, and I just feel like I’m completely useless here!” Miri started to cry. “And yet here I am, getting called along to go to some crime scene and…. and…” She sniffed. “It’s not even anyone’s fault but mine. I insisted that I get field work. I’m the one who wanted to go out and deal with all of this and… what the hell was I thinking!?”

Tsukia didn’t laugh at her expense.

“Four months of this and I’m still… I’m not even sure why I’m even here!?” Miri shook her head. “Tony has that stupid Soul Bond and- I can’t even be Jealous of him because I had one even though he’s gone and…” Miri stopped. “And I’m ranting to a girl who’s stuck in a coma and can’t even talk back.”

Neither Miri nor Tsukia said anything as Miri got up and left.

Half a minute after the door closed, Tsukia’s right hand twitched.


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