AUGUST 2nd, 1618.

Showers, showers were a gift sent from the Creators.

Showers for Ayako were wonderful. A constant stream of hot water pouring down against skin and massaging sore muscles. And WOW did muscles get sore even a few hours after a transformation, let alone the afternoon after the following day. Even with her controlled shifts being a slow process that gradually adjusted everything, the muscles of her body still resented their return to a smaller state after returning from her wolf form.

Yesterday, she had reforged a Soul Bond, and would be sharing her apartment with Tony and his Sister, Miri. Last night, she’d fought their Aunt, who had super powered herself with the dread powers of the Flame Princess.

All of the stress from that fight was washed away by her apartment’s shower. All of the negative was pushed away, leaving behind only the positive. Tonight, they would be having a pizza party, and Ayako wanted to be at her best tonight. There was no telling what would happen.

Water beat against her back, easing, relaxing the shoulders that had just hours ago thrust her body forwards at high speeds to fight against another of her kind. The small nicks and cuts on her skin stung with the heat, but that was a good thing. The stinging meant her body was relaxing itself and untensing everything that there was to be tense, including every wound sustained in that fight.

She arched her back, and the pressuring massage rolled down her back along her spine until it hit the small of her back. There, it relaxed away the stress of where certain muscles had strengthened and reinforced themselves to prevent damage from the intense lunging that a Lycan’s waist would experience during a long run.

A few minutes later, she leaned forwards, and the water hit the base of her tail, and oh, was that a lovely feeling. The tail lengthened during a transformation, if ever so subtly.

Most non-Lycans assumed it was just the fur fluffing out, and that was in part true, but like everything else during a transformation, there was a hidden cost beneath the skin. Bones that were compressed in her human form extended during a transformation. Right there, where the base of the tail met the end of her spine at her hips, the muscles that made those bones contract again began to let their complaints fall to the wayside.

Her fingers flexed and clenched and relaxed as she let the water run down her tail in rivers of relaxing warmth. Some of the other Lycans in her other classes said that sex was the best physical release for a transformation in either direction. Others said that a massage was the best way to relax. Yet others still thought baths of all things were the best relaxing things!

Ayako disagreed with all of them. Showers. Showers were the best thing ever.

A hot shower was exactly what a tired Lycan needed.

And she would tell anybody who disagreed that they were welcome to jump into the molten heart of an exploding moon.


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