The Matron of Thieves; Observer of Luck; That One Cat.

Most Mortals know little of she who created the Lucky Cat’s Guild, and that’s just how she likes it. Only her Kittens know of her, and interact with her regularly. Only certain people who are not her Kittens know how to contact her directly.

Hergie observes the flow of Luck within the world. And although she is known to those who know her as a Thief and a Cat… she is somehow Lovers with Hecate, Mystryal’s creator and Patron, and considers herself their other half.

Little is known about how she came to stand by the Creator’s side, except that it was through a trial by fire.




Hergie - Armor beneath cloak.

Hergie – Armor beneath cloak.

what hood? I didnt forget no hood. its a magic hood

Hergie- Standard Appearance, w/ hood removed.


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