AUGUST 4TH, 1618.

“She what?” Yaovi blinked as Hecate finished telling a new story- this time, Hecate was wearing the form of a more male dragon with golden bronze scales and rainbow colored wings.

“My daughter did the impossible and made River’s reincarnation into a Fox-type Lycan,” Hecate repeated, sounding proud of the act.

“…I’ve never heard of such a thing,” Yaovi said calmly before forcing herself to take a sip of tea. Inwardly, her mind was racing at the implications. Had the girl somehow inherited some of Hecate’s powers? Was she going to end up like Cah’le and taking over her parent’s position in the world’s Patron circle? Or-

“I’m honestly relieved,” Hecate admitted. “It means she’s not going to die, or have the fire magic curse become stuck to her…” a sigh followed, “At the same time, it means that the Brat is aware of them now.” Those piercing blue eyes that never changed met Yaovi’s dying green, and The Pathfinder asked, “Why didn’t you tell me that Zuzol was with them?”

“Hecate, if you’ll remember our last conversation,” Yaovi began, putting her tea cup down on the table. “I don’t have control over where people will go after they’ve been reincarnated, nor do I keep tabs on their after-rebirth actions that often. That so many people have ended up together after I haphazardly threw them around the globe?” She held up a hand and said, “That’s incredibly lucky.” She then held up her other, “But on the other hand, it’s not that surprising given what we went through in our previous lives, both before and after our Ascensions… and given Kyiahlnah’s release from her prison? Well, you know in which pond our universe floats.”

“Yes, yes,” Hecate agreed, “it’s a wonder we weren’t dealing with this kind of gathering sooner.” A hollow laugh echoed out of Hecate’s mouth, sounding like a series of strung chords on a lyre. “Can you imagine if they were all ten years old with no detective training at all? Forced to go through all of what they’ve been through so far?”

“Oh, yes,” Yaovi smiled in turn, “it would make quite the children’s book. What should we call it, hm? The Princess’ Cage?”

“The Key-guardians?” Hecate offered.

For a few moments, they sat there, throwing odd names back and forth before they finally settled on something that sounded rather outlandish and appropriate for their little make believe situation.

The Midnight Detectives Crew.


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