April 13th, 1616.

Nahgi Llewellyn began settling into what would be her new office for the foreseeable future.

Mystryal’s Detective Agency Chief Director.

Chief Llewellyn.

Chief Nahgi Llewellyn.

“Mizar, I’m going to have to get used to this,” she sighed, pulling out a picture frame from her box to put on a shelf. One day during that summer, her Father had practically barged into her apartment and plunked a cracked ruby crystal in front of her before explaining what it was and why he was finally getting out of the business (or so he’d said at the time).

What followed was them taking the Ruby Heartstone to the Relheim Museum to inquire about a purchase. The Museum Director politely declined, telling them that they were focused more on writer’s history, rather than world history. The picture itself was taken after that, and was of Nahgi and her father, both holding the cracked gemstone over a giant bowl of the town’s famous Mac ‘N’ Cheese.

Nahgi smiled faintly at the memory of them nearly dropping the stone into their food after the camera flash had reverberated inside the stone and come out a few seconds later just as bright as when it went in.

Just because the damned thing was broken didn’t mean it still didn’t have some natural, latent magical properties left over.

Unfortunately for her father, no Museum he approached wanted to buy the damned thing for its historical value, even if it was broken. In fact, it was because of that break that most of the museums turned them down, citing, “It could be a very well crafted fake designed to look broken, knowing you, Llewellyn!” 

Her father had not been so happy about some of the more prestigious Museum’s Directors calling him a fraud. But in the end, that had pushed him towards retiring, and Nahgi had ended up keeping the historic relic as a paper weight.. of course, less than a year later he was back at the job again like one of Kana’s adventure novel protagonists, as if nothing had ever happened, and this time seemingly more determined than ever to make a mess out of his personal relationships.

Still, at least there had been a time her father had quit his job to focus on being an actual father. He’d tried, even if it hadn’t lasted.

After finishing reminiscing on the picture, she pulled out said Gemstone from its small box and smiled as she looked at the Ruby gemstone’s large crack.

Most people would have no clue that it was once an ancient relic of war- that one single crack pretty much prevented it from serving as the magical focus that Heartstones tended to work as. Just about the only thing they were sure it could still do was reflect light and- potentially- be used as a homing focus to track down a Changeling, given that was the last thing it’d tried to control.

But honestly, Nahgi thought with a chuckle as she put the stone down on her desk, when would they ever need to track down a Changeling? Unless someone was hatching them like the people her Father had said he’d stopped when recovering the artifact, there wasn’t a real need for it. They were called an endangered species for a reason.


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