Cast – Yaovi the Reaper

Yaovi – The Reaper in Green.

She who deals in Death and Rebirth. The Reaper who takes souls, and reincarnates them into new lives. Yaovi is the most well known of the Creators, preferring not to hide herself or her job, and presides over her realm in an otherwise normal mansion on Green Skull Island. She, like Hecate, can be summoned or contacted with a well known circle and symbol-set.

That said, Yaovi seems to take a peculiar pride in being as confusing as possible at times. Even her fellow Ascendants can never be entirely sure whether she knows more than she’s letting on, or if she has some plan hidden away, waiting to be sprung…. or worse, that she has no idea what’s going on and is struggling to maintain an air of control.



Character Sheet:

War Suit.

War Suit.

Formal, Entertaining Visitors.

Formal, Entertaining Visitors.


Casual, at home.


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