Cast – Cah’le

The Reaper’s Assistant.

Though the face and gender changes over the years, a person standing at the Reaper’s side has been a mainstay part of Yaovi’s lore since the Cataclysm War. Nobody is quite sure if it’s the same person reincarnated time and time again, or if they are someone new, but regardless, they are there, and present, even if you could be forgiven for ignoring their presence in the background.

Currently, the role of the Assistant is taken up by:


Human, Female. Age Unknown, but theorized to be somewhere in the 11-15 range.

Not much is known about this youngster’s origins, but like many of the previous Assistants, she is suspected to be an Orphan, or a child who has run away from home, called to something she likely does not yet understand.

Like most of the Reaper’s more recent Assistants, Cah’le is a young child who seems strangely more competent than her age would let on. At times, observers have noted she seems to struggle with maintaining the powers Yaovi teaches her to harness, yet always powers through the problem with a determined willpower that seems otherworldly.




Cah'le - Post Ascension

Cah’le – Post Ascension

Cah'le - The Assistant's Robes

Cah’le – The Assistant’s Robes


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