Cast – Tsukia Tsubaki

Tsukia Tsubaki

Drow – Female. Age 16. Birth date unknown.

The Adopted Daughter of the murdered enchantment teacher, Shirou Tsubaki, and his wife Matoi Tsubaki. A friend of Miri’s who didn’t quite seem to know what’s going on, and was shocked upon being informed of her family’s dark, and twisted past.

Were she awake to appreciate it, she would be thankful that her Drow physiology reacts instinctively to danger, and managed to keep her alive after Kyiahlnah possessed her body, and did her damnedest to kill her.




Shirou Tsubaki (Adoptive Father, murdered. Alas, we barely knew thee)
Matoi Tsubaki (Mother, deceased. Not who she seemed to be)
Miri Nori (Friend, ????, Mother of her half sister?? How does that work?)
Tony Nori (Miri’s Brother. Acquaintance?), Lizzy Smith (Classmate.)
Mikari Yuki (Bearer of bad news.), Tyler Obonz (An Omen of death.)
Kana Mayoi (Detective) Ranagi Kaie (Detective.)
Ayako Mayoi (She’s alright), Kendal Kaie (A little too warm blooded)


Tsukia, Books 1 & 2 appearance.

Tsukia, Books 1 & 2 appearance.

Tsukia, Book 5 6 - Mystryal Uniform.

Tsukia, Books 5 & 6 – Mystryal Uniform.

Tsukia - Book 1/2 outfit W/ Short Hair

Tsukia – Book 1/2 casual outfit W/ Short Hair


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