Cast – Ranagi Kaie

Ranagi Kaie

Human- Male. Age 31. Born Oct 7th, 1588 A.C.

A Detective of the Mystryal Detective Agency. Ranagi Kaie is one of those by the book types who takes everything way too seriously. Having lost his wife when his daughter, Kendal, was just a baby, he tends to act as an over-active dad to anyone who isn’t his a part of his team.

Ranagi doesn’t have the best relationship with his Daughter, though he tries his best. He thinks part of that might have to do with how he’s now moved on from his wife’s death and is now dating Nahgi Llewellyn but knows that Kendal worries something fierce when he doesn’t call during a field-work case.

As Nahgi Llewellyn and Ranagi Kaie were dating since well before she was given the job of Mystryal Agency Chief, they have to act professional when on duty. It’s a tough mask to maintain, so how they act when off duty is another story entirely, leading to (Not-So-)Subtle Teasing from their close friends.




Kyoko Kaie (Wife, Deceased.) Kendal Kaie (Daughter, still very much alive.)
Nahgi Llewellyn (Girlfriend, DA CHIEF. Possibly future wife.)
Kana Mayoi (Partner. Friend. Never takes things too seriously.)
Ayako Mayoi (Takes after her mother; Like a sister to Kendal.)
Mikari Yuki (Is upset and afraid about something going wrong. Student.)
Tyler Obonz (Usually Serious, sometimes prone to poke and prod. Coroner.)
Toni and Miri Nori (Life changes so quickly so fast somedays! Students.)
Lizzy Smith (Seems like she’s pushing herself too hard. Student.)
Tsukia Tsubaki (Lost so much so quickly, on the mend.)
Ahr’tur Llewellyn (No clue what his problem is, but will troll him endlessly.)


Ranagi Kaie - Book 1-6, Mystryal Uniform.

Ranagi Kaie – Book 1-6, Mystryal Uniform.

Ranagi Kaie - Book 2 alternate outfit.

Ranagi Kaie – Book 2 alternate outfit.


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