Cast – Tyler Obonz

Tyler “Bones” Obonz

Dragon- Male. Age 21 (As of B4). Born Oct 10th, 1592 A.C.

A Third + One year Student of the Mystryal Academy, and a soon-to-be graduated Coroner. Tyler Obonz prefers to be in a cold lab most of the time, dealing with dead bodies rather than living beings. Hates field work, but finds himself drawn into situations a coroner just should not be involved in with a frightening frequency.

Hates the nickname “Bones,” though he’ll tolerate it from certain people. Occasionally, he’ll reveal a hidden sarcastic side that he usually keeps bottled away, usually only around people he trusts, of which there are few.

If there’s one thing Tyler is wary of when continuing his current line of study, it’s the possibility of doing things that fall outside of the narrow definition of “Coroner.” That said, if someone upsets one of the few people he cares about, he will not hesitate to get revenge.




Ayako Mayoi (Don’t make her cry. You wouldn’t like me when she cries.)
Mikari Yuki (Exasperating at times, but knows what she’s doing.)
Kana Mayoi (Knows more than she lets on.)
Ranagi Kaie (Easily Trollable, a slow to boil temper.)
Kendal Kaie (Wish I knew her better.)
Miri and Tony Nori (Acquaintances),
Lizzy Smith (Something is puzzling about her.)
Tsukia Tsubaki (At least she’s not on my examination table.)
Caria Calvert (I would not mind too terribly if you wound up on my table, otherwise, PLEASE GO AWAY.)


Mystryal Uniform - Books 1-6 (Wings Layer Muted)

Mystryal Uniform – Books 1-6 (Wings Layer Muted)

Book 3 - Inverted Jacket.

Book 3 – Inverted Jacket.


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