The Battlemage looked out over Mystryal’s two islands and their little pocket dimension from the outside.

“You sure you want my help with this?” She asked, turning to look at Hecate and Hergie. “I mean… I’m just a human and you’re…”

“After everything that’s happened,” Hecate began- voice strumming with the vibrations of their current string like body. “If Kyiahlnah ever escapes… I want this place warded with all the tricks you used to drive her mad.”

“Basically, we want to future proof it all,” Hergie grinned. “Make sure that nothing bad ever happens here.”

“We don’t even have to craft any spells right away,” Hecate appeased her, “but what are your thoughts for security?”

“…Well, for starters…” The Battlemage hovered, looking down at the two islands. “We did separate her soul from her body… and that body is now dead, so…” She nodded. “I think we can start with a curse- something that won’t let up until she reincarnates- though how fast it will take hold could vary depending on what form she’s in when she comes here.”

“I’ll ask Yaovi about that,” Hergie grinned.

“The Way-gate protocols, obviously, will need to be stronger than the rest of the system,” The Battlemage paused, then snapped her fingers, “Ah! I know, redundant layering of spell shields to protect the islands from orbital bombardment!”

“…Orbital Bombardment??” Hecate’s face shifted to approximate a raised eyebrow.

“But once we’re done layering things,” Hergie frowned, “the pocket dimension is going to be hidden under so many folds of space it would never be able to be seen from the air. How would she even know where to aim?!”

“You wanted my help,” the Battlemage smiled, “this is what I’m suggesting. Sure, the brat might never find a way to throw a bomb at us from above, but I want to had a safeguard in place even if it never is needed.”

Hecate and Hergie shared glances with each other. The cat girl shrugged, and Hecate gave an exaggerated sighing motion- completely useless given the obvious lack of lungs in this form.

“Let’s put it on the ‘maybe’ board for now,” Hecate relented, “what else do you have in mind?”

The Battlemage considered her options, and then gave a very fox like grin. “You’re going to like this next one.”


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