“Ayako?” Mayoi asked of the small Lycan girl staring around at the bedroom with awe and confusion. “Is everything okay?”

“Is it really all mine?” Ayako replied after a moment of considering her words.

“It is,” Mayoi nodded.

“I’ve never…” Ayako paused to sniff back tears, “I’ve never had a room to myself before.” And then she’d turned around and hugged Mayoi around the waist, crying out, “T-Thank you…!” and then a word that Mayoi never dreamed of hearing, “Mom!!”

The happiness and sorrow in the child’s voice nearly made Mayoi’s heart break. Taking in a kid rescued off of a case was never easy for anyone, especially when the kid in question apparently had never even lived in a real house or apartment at all in her entire life.

And now she had a whole bedroom all to herself. Dressers and drawers and closets and shelves and even a desk! Overwhelming, that was the word that described it all.

“You’re welcome, Aya,” Mayoi smiled faintly as she put her hand on the girl’s head and rubbed lightly between the ears.

This was the right thing to do, Mayoi knew. Despite how much Ranagi had protested, this was definitely the right thing to do. There was no way Mayoi would have- nor could have- ever left Ayako to her fate.

She was never going to be that kind of person.


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