“Are we ready?” Queen Hakaru Vahn Failur de Lah Guar asked as she and her Husband stepped into their private bedroom.

“Yes, we are,” King Kamoran Sutrah de Lah Guar nodded as he laid their kidnapped heir-to-be down on the bed. “It’s a shame that Utchra voiced his concerns about murdering the family back on the Clover Islands. I’m sure he would have loved to witness this triumphant moment otherwise.”

“The Reaper will put his soul to a better use than ours,” Queen Hakaru replied, frowning as she dropped her cloak to the floor, and shifted into full wolf mode. It was a disturbing look at the normal Lycan transitions, without the cloak of fur masking the drastic changes. Muscles increasing, thickening, and the bones of the face shifting beneath stretching skin. Finally, it was done, and she commanded, “[Begin the masking ceremony.]”

King Kamoran nodded at the pre-planed order, heard only as a set of growls to the outside world, and he began to cast a magic spell on the pre-drawn circle on their bedroom floor. “I call upon the name of the Fire Queen to blind the eyes of the Reaper in Green! I call upon Kyiahlnah’s magic to cast Cypher’s Glare into the vision of the Pathfinder! I declare the wisdom of the Guardian Trio to be muted to this night’s events! Prizen! Collen! Zuzol! Be Forever ignorant of our plans!”

The magic circle erupted into dark-colored flames, dimming the ambient light in the room to a nonexistent level as the dark magic obscured everything bright within the room.

“By the power of Alcor and Mizar’s spawn- Let the Princess be rewarded for her patience!” King Kamoran smirked as he finished, “Shall the land of Kah’tan’na Port be brought into our fold!”

Queen Hakaru carefully scratched at her left palm with a sharpened, blue claw. The skin was easily torn, and blood began to well at the cut. King Kamoran reached for the child, and lifted her up to meet his wife. He gently forced the child’s mouth open, and Queen Hakaru turned her open wound towards the awaiting mouth. For a moment of hesitation, they paused, hearing the faint protests of their deceased son within their ears.

And then it mattered not, for drops of the Royal Jackal Blood of Queen Hakaru fell by gravity into the infant’s mouth. The queen then pushed forwards, and lowered her hand to the child’s mouth completely.

For several moments, she drank, and then the Queen shifted back to her human form, taking the child from her Husband so that he might shift and repeat the process.

Not even five minutes later, the hybridized cries of a baby echoed throughout the palace, slowly shifting to the wolfish cries of a newborn Lycan.


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