“So you’re telling me,” Ranagi Kaie paused, almost in disbelief, “that Mystryal’s founder was Hecate the Pathfinder?”

“Yes,” Nahgi Llewellyn nodded. She was still adjusting to having just recently become Mystryal’s new Chief, let alone all the secrets that had been dumped onto her lap.

“And that the Pathfinder… is … lovers with… Hergie!?” Ranagi asked.

“Hergie,” Nahgi confirmed with a nod.

“Hergie. Who’s the Matron of Luck? Is in a relationship with Hecate that none of the history books have ever made mention of before?” He raised an eyebrow, obviously not believing it.

“And she prefers it that way,” she replied. “Some of Mystryal’s most important, world saving cases, apparently, come from concerned thieves who have stumbled upon something, well… Concerning!”

“Help me understand this here…” Ranagi frowned. “Why?

“Because if certain aspects of the world’s crime wasn’t managed, made a known variable at all times, then we’d be chasing cases that would distract us from the most important evils in the world.” Nahgi paused, “Look, it seems weird to me too, but that’s how it is. That’s how the system has worked since Mystryal was founded. Hergie and Hecate made the system what it is.”

“So we owe a majority of the world’s peace and quiet to… a Cat and a Wolf sleeping together??” Ranagi just couldn’t wrap his head around it.

“Essentially? Yes.”

“I sincerely hope that Mizar didn’t put you up to this, Nahgi.”

The new chief of Mystryal simply laughed.

Her boyfriend swore by Alcor in dismay.


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