Cast – Ayako Mayoi

Ayako “Aya” Mayoi

Lycan- Female. Age 17. Born June 12th, 1601 A.C.

A First Year Student of the Mystryal Academy, and Kana Mayoi’s adopted daughter. Having spent most of her early life in the wilds, it’s of no surprise that Ayako has a preference for puns and jokes, like her adoptive mother. It was a surprise, however, that she took to the investigative mindset the Academy requires of its students like a fish takes to water.

As a natural born Lycan, Ayako can easily control her werewolf transformations, though prefers to stay in human form so she can snark at suspects. She will argue with any other Lycan over the best way to wind down after a transformation, stating that a hot shower is simply the best way ever.

In a past life during the Cataclysm war, Ayako and Tony were Soul Bonded after being cured of the Cataclysm Plague Kyiahlnah unleashed upon the world. Afterwards, their souls would most often reincarnate as Lycans, with a few exceptions here and there.




Tony Nori (Boyfriend – Soul Bond), Miri Nori (Sister in law! EXPECTANT MOTHER!)
Kana Mayoi (Adoptive Mother), Ranagi Kaie (Trollable Uncle!)
Nahgi Llewellyn (Aunt Nahgi!), Kendal Kaie (sortof-cousin)
Tyler Obonz (sortof-brother), Mikari Yuki (sortof-sister),
Lizzy Smith (Smart), Tsukia Tsubaki (Friend),
Fire Fur (Thought-of-as-Sister-Was-Biological-Mother, Deceased)


Ayako, Mystryal Uniform (Hair Down) (Books 1-6)

Ayako, Mystryal Uniform (Hair Down) (Books 1-6)

Ayako - Mystryal Uniform (Book's 1-6)

Ayako – Mystryal Uniform – Hair Up (Book’s 1-6)

Ayako, Werewolf Form

Ayako, Werewolf Form

Ayako, Casual outfit

Casual outfit, Hair Up + Satchel bag

Casual outfit, Hair Down, No Bag. (No Track Rune Tattoo)

Casual outfit, Hair Down, No Bag.




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