[Mystryal Academy: Graduation Day]

[JANUARY 13th, 1606.]

Your name is Kana Matoi, and you are feeling nervous. Oh Alcor, are you nervous! It’s not even YOUR Graduation day, for Mizar’s sake!

No, today is the day that your fellow student partner will officially become your partner in crime-fighting, and your roommate will finally fulfill her own dream of moving out of your apartment and getting her own place perfectly designed for her own needs and desires.

(You don’t think that your organization methods are that outlandishly chaotic, but Nahgi insists that she can never find a pad of paper whenever she needs one when she’s lived with you.)

Everything’s been planned for today. Your friends will graduate, and you will all go out on the town for a round of drinks and pizza!

Well, everything, that is, except for Izumi Lockhart’s participation. Like you, she had graduated last year, and had been partnered up with an Ace of a Lycan Sleuth name Ahra Neia in the mean time. Today, they had been unexpectedly called out on a murder case, out on the tip of the Island Mizar’s Sword. From what you’d heard of the case, it had either been some ritualistic thing or a murder of opportunity. Either way, a guy had been stabbed with a sword that was a mock-up of the island’s jagged shape.

Admittedly, you wish you could have gone with, because DAMN if that doesn’t sound like an interesting case to solve, but you know damned well that Nahgi would belt you firmly over the head with her tail if you’d missed graduation.

Well, that, and Ranagi asked you to babysit Kendal while he was on stage getting his diploma and official license.

That was more the reason for your nervousness.

The plucky little girl had managed to scamper off when she oh-so-eloquently distracted you with a pointed “Wassat?” at nothing in particular. She was only six, by Yaovi’s tears! How could a little child manage to be so clever at such a young age?

“Kendal?” You call out as you search under a yearbook vendor’s table. “C’mmon, sweetie. Aunt Kana doesn’t have time for hide and seek…” Nothing under that one.

Thankfully, the vendor’s operator had some idea of who you were looking for, and kindly directed you towards the Caramel Apple stand a few rows down.

With a nod of appreciation, you make your way over to the caramel apple stand, and yes, sure enough, the adorable bundle of sugar-fire was trying to con the caramel apple vendor out of as many caramel apples as she could get her three year old hands on.

“Kendal!” You swoop her up in a heart beat, and smiled in apology at the vendor before talking to the girl. “Don’t run off like that!”

“Oh it was no problem,” The vendor, a Gnomic man by the name of Terran (according to his name tag, at least), smiled. “It was actually quite funny watching her try to get me to give her something.”

“Oh?” You ask, even as the energetic little girl tries to worm her way out of your arms. “Kendal! Shoosh! Please!”

(“I wan mai Abble!” Kendal spoke with all the fluency of a six year old with only half the required teeth needed to actually speak the words.)

“She first tried to rob me with a ‘tidal wave’ made out of magic,” Terran laughed. “Watching her wave her arms about like that was so cute, it more than made up for the actual price.”

How about I pay you for it anyways?” You ask. “Kendal? Would you stop-” She tries to punch you in the face. It’s adorable in how little force actually is put behind it, but more annoying that she even tried in the first place. “-Stop fighting me so we can go back to our seats?”

She seems to consider it, then said, “TWO ABBLE!”

You sigh, reluctantly, “How much for two caramel apples?”

Terran tells you that, no, it’s really on the house, and hands you two- one for Kendal, and one for you, personally.

Damn it, you really didn’t want a caramel apple. You make a note to pay him back later.


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