TRC – Rewind 5


Your name is Kyoko Kaie, and… you have lost control. Your body has been possessed by a Demon- summoned into the circle that you were thrown into and STABBED in and they were going to fully bind it into you and this world by murdering your daughter. And then your dashing husband enters the room with a roar, interrupting the oh-so-delicate process.

The demon is not amused, but your heart soars. Your heart, your soul, your very spirit begins to burn brighter as Ranagi fights to save you and your daughter… And then you watch his arm go flying from a cane strike. His arm lands in the circle entrapping you and you feel the Demon’s grip weaken. Although you fear for your husband’s life…

You Take Control.


You BURN as many of them as you can. You choke their LUNGS with SMOKE and you kill most of them.

The man with the cane stabs the circle on the ground- and suddenly the circle holding the demon in this realm breaks. But you are not going to go out without a fight. You hold tight and you FORCE her to stay inside you. You will torment them all- burning a few to ashes, leaving others to die a cripple, burnt corpse.

The portal that opens to pull the demon inside you back in stays open for much longer than possible- and you use your flames to push as many as you can into the vortex, searing their cloaks and leaving those behind as a monument to your success. You get all but four before the portal starts to drag in your husband and daughter. And so you leave them with the regret of failure as you let go, and the Demon is pulled in, in your body, with but one chance to whisper “Goodbye.”


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