TRC – Relive 3


The simple fact of the matter was that no-matter how you sliced it, everything still came apart in similar ways. A body’s internal connections were surprisingly fragile. A non-living, semi-mechanical device was prone to wear and tear and eventually break down. A spell? Those could fall apart with ease.

Even beings of celestial power could die- even more so when they were ascended from mere mortals like such a vast majority of their little group had been.

Hergie mused on that simple fact as she and the Muse of the Serenade song- one of the Guardian Trio, the one called Zuzol- buried the last of the Pyromander corpses from their final battle. Kyiahlnah had been defeated- narrowly- but at the loss of many lives.

Only Yaovi knew how many people had died in the aftermath of that self-sacrifice spell of Cypher’s, and she wasn’t talking.

That Kyiahlnah could turn her father’s spell right around and shatter a whole continent like that… Even a master spell caster like the Battle-mage had a hard time processing that fact, and Hergie had no idea how to process that information either.

“I heard something today,” Zuzol finally said after they’d buried the tenth round of corpses.

“Oh?” Hergie’s ears twitched.

“Prizen is going to be cremating Mizar and Alcor in a lava pit tomorrow,” Zuzol sighed. “I don’t get why we’re always doing the lava funerals. It seems like we’re going too far out of our way to do it this time.”

“This time?” Hergie asked, frowning at the choice of words.

“We… We had a whole planet covered in the stuff last time friends of ours died. Be glad you weren’t there for it,” Zuzol grimaced at the memories of those who had died. “The battle that caused those deaths was horrific enough as it was… then add in the funeral and…” she trailed off into silence for a few moments.

“That’s the one that Hecate’s always upset over when they see some people’s souls, isn’t it?” Hergie finally asked, tail swishing a bit.

“It is, yeah,” Zuzol nodded, and then reached up to tuck a strand of curled hair behind her ear. “That wasn’t even the last fight we had. I think that’s what makes me the maddest. That they died, and we used their souls as a weapon the way we did…” She sighed. “I hope that wasn’t part of Mizar’s deal with Yaovi. I don’t think any of us could deal with doing that for a second time.”

“If it’s so bad, it’s probably not part of the deal,” Hergie’s tail swished anxiously. “But if Yaovi’s still being tight lipped about it…? What exactly was in that deal?”

“Who knows,” Zuzol shook her head. “I doubt even Prizen knows the full extent of what exactly it is they’ve done in that deal.”

“Removing the knowledge of the Soul Bond’s Craft from the world is as hefty of a price as any, I suppose,” Hergie closed her eyes and viewed the flow of luck within the world’s magic. As drastic of a change as that deal’s primary result had been… “But even so, whatever else was included in that deal, the flow of luck is strong and steady right now. We’ve got quite the mess to clean up, but… we should be fine for the next few centuries. I see no huge disturbances to the world. No wars. Not even any massive heists.”

“Unless you plan one, I suppose?” Zuzol gave a weak, slightly humoring smile.

“But why would I do that?” Hergie flashed a cat-like smile at the Muse. “Hecate would be oh so cross if I didn’t allow us this downtime. You know how grumpy that ol’ wolf gets if they don’t get their puppy naps.”

Zuzol nearly choked at that sentence. “I don’t understand how you can joke around about that shape shifter like that. Hecate would sooner strangle me than let me get away with something like that after what we’ve been through.”

“We have a fine understanding,” Hergie replied with a grin as she leaned onto her shovel. “After all, what Justice would exist without a Thief to steal away someone’s Heart and keep it safe and sound, wrapped up in hugs and blankets?”

Zuzol gave the cat girl a strange look for a few moments before saying, “That’s the strangest way of saying you’re in love that I’ve ever heard,” and then broke out laughing.

Hergie flashed a smile and began to laugh as well.


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