TRC – Relive 2


Such was life. It sucks. Even when things worked out in everyone’s favor, things still sucked for someone else. For the Reaper in Green, life was almost painful to watch in slow motion, as it were. Down here in the mortal realm which would likely be her only realm for the foreseeable future, given what Kyiahlnah’s trickery had caused.

Not long after they sent those two newly reborn pups back out into the world, their team’s dedicated healer would encounter hardship. It was the price the cycle demanded for circumventing two deaths like this.

All things had their prices, after all.

Her husband would be struck down the next morning by an assassin- another traitor to the world- a Dragon woman whose eyes gleamed with the Traitor’s fire magic. Whatever promises Kyiahlnah had promised her, they were never fulfilled, for the moment she was discovered over the Healer’s husband, the Lycan woman went into a rage- tearing the dragon woman apart and ending that traitor’s part in this act of the cycle’s endless story.

But it was not without cost. She lost the child she was carrying due to the transformation. It was all experimental, really, this cure for that accursed disease Kyiahlnah had unleashed. They should have thought of this sooner. They should have realized… but they hadn’t, and they didn’t and now they knew what would happen.

And so the Reaper- cradling the soul that had not gotten a chance to enter the cycle- spoke with Mizar to cast yet another deal in stone. All to ensure that future generations of Lycans would never suffer this fate… a fate that Yaovi wish she could have prevented sooner.

Mizar told Yaovi in no uncertain terms that she now owed her one. Yaovi would have her deal with Mizar now, and in the future, Yaovi would be forced to accept an unspecified deal later with Mizar, one that she could not turn down no matter what.

All of that, plus that future deal’s own price, for this safe guard.

It was a decent price, though, and the first deal was struck: A lockout to prevent needless shifting during a pregnancy was made for all Lycans present and future.

But it would be too late for this one lost soul, Yaovi knew that as she cradled the poor thing that had never had a chance to enter the cycle- its body gone before its soul could even merge with it. Too late for now, at least.

Another few Orbits of the sun, and maybe…

Maybe the next life would not be so harsh on this one little lost soul?


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