TRC – Rewind 3


“Poisoned Sheep?” Ranagi Kaie asked as they stepped out of the Way-gate onto a small island known for its sheep herding. “And we’re sure the wolf just wasn’t killing them for the fun of it?”

“The herder cut the dead sheep all open,” Kana Mayoi replied, “same foul smell on all of them. His assistant choked on it,” she laughed, “and then he confessed on the spot. He thought the sheep would die naturally instead of drawing in a Lycan to slay them. Insurance fraud all the way through.”

“So a guy poisoned his boss’ sheep. Seems pretty cut and dry.” Kaie frowned as they walked into the plaza, and then asked, “Why are we here?”

“The herder wants us to find the Lycan girl who exposed this, to thank her,” Mayoi answered, leading the way towards the sheep farm. “Finding the girl so we can get her thanked is your first real assignment at Detective level. I’d have thought the last three years would have proved that Murder isn’t always the case of the day, Ranagi.”

“I didn’t sign up with Mystryal to find sheep culling wolves, Kana,” Kaie griped. “I joined to-“

“Find out what happened to your wife, I know,” Mayoi stared at her friend with concern. “But seriously. We aren’t just going to get a journal on everything we want to know dropped in our laps. And, Ranagi?”

“Yes?” He asked.

“When you DO find stuff like that?” She poked a finger at his chest, “You’re usually just going to get mad with what you find.”

“No I won’t,” He countered. It wasn’t a promise.


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