TRC – Relive 0


“She’s not worth it, son,” His father was, of course, referring to the girl sitting at a table with a steaming plate of cheese sticks, and a large bowl of some creamy white dip that she was dipping the sticks into before eating.

“So what?” he asked his dad, who was dressed up in the standard suit of jeweled cloth and fancy robes of enchanted weaves. “I’m old enough now I should be able to want to talk to whoever I want to!”

His dad said the stock account of his son being only so many years old, and that his son’s judgement was being impaired by the girl’s lack of clothes, but by that point the boy was already moving away from their table. By the time his father noticed, and started yelling for him to come back lest he ruin the family name… the son had sat down next to the girl, having taken off his jacket, and was now smiling as he spoke.

“So what’s that dip you’re eating your food with?”

She looks up, surprised that someone was talking with her. “It’s kinda rude to ask that without asking someone’s name first, isn’t it? Or are you doing more than annoying your father by coming over here?” She sounds slyly amused.

“A bit of both, yeah,” and he gave her his name, an echo lost in the sands of time, “and you are?”

She gives him her name with a giggle that rings through his memory like a bell, and then she answers, “Well, it’s something the chef hasn’t come up with a name for yet. I didn’t like the spicy stuff they normally serve so I asked if they had anything else I could try with my cheese sticks… and, well,” She dipped a stick into the strange liquid, then held it out towards his mouth, “just give it a try.”

Distantly, he hears his father protest loudly, and the boy smirks in his direction before biting down on the— WOW. Okay. That’s actually pretty good.

He smiles at the girl and answered, “Okay. I see what you mean.” She grins in return.

“See? Told ya.” She then gets a bit of a mischievous tone to her voice as she then whispers, “So, do you really wanna mess with your dad?”

“Oh, totally,” He replies with an equally mischievous tone.

At distance, the Father cannot hear what they are talking about, he’s mad enough to go over and talk some sense into his son… His wife tells him no, stay seated or you’ll cause a scene. They’re not harming anyone.

And then the girl calls a waiter over and asks for the chef who made the dipping sauce.

Moments later, the chef comes over, and his son stands proudly and… oh Alcor that’s his wallet. The father’s heart nearly stops.

“I’d like to give you the money needed to get this recipe out to the world,” his son says, and the chef is surprised, but eagerly accepts the entire contents of everything inside the wallet. A whole allowance blown in an instant.

And then the boy goes a step further and offers the backing of his entire family’s name for the unnamed dip.

The strange concoction will be called “Ranch Dressing” from now on.


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