TRC – Chapter 4


“So, we take the first steps to unraveling the shocking murder of Shirou Tsubaki,” Tyler chuckled as he started the projector crystal, causing a magical image of the body pre-examination to overlay on top of the actual remains. “I’m going to be brutally honest here, the Lycan mauling was intended as a cover-up.”

“So either a Lycan killed him and tried to cover it up, or we’ve got two suspects involved in this,” Mikari deduced. “So what killed him?”

“First off, actually,” Tyler motioned to Ayako, “Aya, could you double check something for me real quick?”

“Uhhm, sure?” Ayako blinked. “With what?”

“Sniff these cuts here and here for me, please,” Tyler pointed to two highlighted gashes on the hip bones.

“Errr…” Ayako looked at him in concern. “Do I have to?”

“Humor me,” Tyler replied flatly.

“Well, alright,” Ayako quickly walked over and sniffed at the two gashes in question. “What??” The sounds of confusion and disbelief were clear in that single word.

“Rust?” Tyler asked, smirking as if he already knew the answer.

“Yeah,” Ayako nodded, “and some Sulfur plus that extra scent I picked up before too.” She glanced at Kaie and left it at that. He grimaced uncomfortably in response.

“I thought as much,” Tyler replied, changing the spell on the gem for a moment, causing a zoom in on the raw hip bones. “This is really what the mauling was covering up. The thing that caused Shirou Tsubaki to bleed out before the piece of metal in his shoulder fried his heart.”

“Ouch,” Mikari grimaced as she saw what the projection was showing them.

“Yeah,” Tyler let the crystal outline the multiple cuts on the body, “Someone cut his entire groin off before cutting at the rest of the bones.” He let the spell reset on the rib cage, and continued, “Here, here, and here, we have cut marks that were more strategic, a slow bleed, but he’d never be able to recover with all the damage. Not even a healing potion would let him recover… not that anyone would let him have a healing potion after doing all this.”

“Someone cut off his… parts?” Ayako stuck her tongue out in disgust. “Eww… That’s cruel and usual!”

“Vengeful, is what it is,” Mikari quipped. “I was afraid of this, actually.”

“Why’s that?” Kaie asked.

“Because I’m fairly certain that Shirou Tsubaki was sleeping with, and subsequently got Miri Nori pregnant,” Mikari concluded with a short, curt, nod.

Silence followed for a few moments as they processed that.

“Well, fuck,” Mayoi replied after she processed the facts. “That gives us motive for just about every suspect we’ve talked with today.”

“If it’s true she’s pregnant that’s-” Kaie paused as he processed the preceding sentences, then asked, “Wait, why do you think some girl is pregnant, again?”

“Miri Nori said she’s been sick the last few weeks,” Mikari explained her logic with a small rolling wave of her hand. “Add in the weakened magic powers, and the way her brother and aunt were avoiding saying something to us about whatever it was that Shirou did to his sister, plus the way they were mothering her? I kinda figured it out. I mean, it’s either they were trying to keep it a secret from us, or…” she paused, “maybe they’re keeping it a secret from the sister that they know. But I think the first part’s more likely than the latter.”

“Why do you think the brother and aunt figured out Shirou was having an affair with the girl and tried to keep it from us?” Kaie asked.

“Well,” Mikari began. “If word got out that our investigation revealed that the Enchanter- who’s married and has a DAUGHTER- had sex with and got the Best Friend of said daughter Pregnant, it would ruin the reputations of everyone involved. The Tsubaki and Nori families would both have that stigma hanging over them for a long time to come.”

“And with the death of the enchanter so suddenly, if word gets out now…” Kaie nodded as he processed that logic. “You’re right, and that basically narrows down the suspect pool to both families. The Wife has motive for the affair, the Daughter, Brother, and Aunt all have the same motive of revenge too…”

“The Brother and Aunt are Lycans,” Ayako reminded. “Either one of them could have mauled him after death to hide the knife wounds… but I’m pretty sure the brother didn’t do it.” Mikari and Mayoi rolled their eyes at that, but said nothing in response.

“I’ll have to get teeth casts to match the wounds,” Tyler nodded.

“Wait, though, wouldn’t the girl have motive too?” Kaie asked. “If she figured out she was pregnant too, but didn’t know the others had figured it out, wouldn’t she want to confront Shirou?”

“Hmm,” Mikari nodded, “if that confrontation about the pregnancy went wrong, if he decided he didn’t want to support it, Miri could possibly have back-stabbed him with something from her enchanting practice, and then subsequently ate his flesh to hide the knife marks.”

“I don’t think it’s her for either part,” Ayako shook her head. “I can’t see her doing that.”

“She’s not the one who mauled him, at least,” Tyler reminded them, “A Lycan physically can not shift during a pregnancy. Did anyone pay attention in biology class, or are we all just conveniently forgetting that fact?”

There were a few muttered sideways glances from everyone except Ayako, who nodded at the question regarding her own species’ biology.

“There’s also the possibility that it’s none of our current suspects,” Mayoi added. “We’ll have to start interviewing everyone in town. Someone else might have put all of these facts together and decided to kill the Enchanter for the controversy…” She paused for a moment, then continued, “Plus, there might be some other motives we’re not aware of yet that could throw everything we’ve just speculated on into disarray.”

“Say someone had a crush on Miri?” Mikari suggested, “Found out she was pregnant and killed the Shirou out of spite?”

“Suddenly our suspect pool has widened again,” Mayoi face palmed again. “So can we ID the murder weapon that did all the slice-an-dice-ing?”

“Probably,” Tyler nodded. “I think it’s the same thing that lost its tip to his shoulder. So it’ll be something thin and fragile. Likely a rapier… Oh,” his ice-colored scales paled significantly, “that’s an unfortunate irony.”

“Or intentional,” Kaie guessed. “If we’re going with the theory that Miri and Shirou’s relationship was consensual, whoever killed him might not have known that.”

“So death by castration with a rapier,” Mayoi’s face paled. “That’s just really spiteful.”

“Yeah,” Tyler frowned. “I suggest you look for any Rapiers that have the same smell as the crime scene and the cuts in the bones.”

“That’s going to be hard.” Ayako reminded them all of one fact: “Everything from the smith-shop had the rust smell on it, and all the town guards had Sulfur on them too for some reason.”

“I’ll see if I can get any more specific than that, but I’ll have to do some comparisons.” Tyler rubbed at his chin while his tail swished side to side as he mused aloud, “If the jerking were bad enough, I’d imagine whoever mauled him had a bit of a sore jaw afterwords.”

“Okay, one thing that’s been bugging me since this morning,” Mikari spoke up. “What’s the third smell besides the rust and sulfur?”

Ayako wriggled her eyebrows and answered two words: “Lamia Lubricant.”

“As in…?” Mikari blinked. “Oh-!” Her eyes widened, “Yeeeah, that’s definitely someone trying to send a message.”

“I hate my life right now,” Kaie covered his face with his hands even as Mayoi patted him on the back with a whispered ‘there there, my chain-of-command screwing friend,’ which really just made him bite back a scream of frustration more than anything else.

“Wait. Wait a moment,” Mikari massaged at the bridge of her nose as she worked through the logic of this. “I haven’t seen a single Lamia on the island. Where the hell would they get something like that?”

“It’s a shipping town,” Tyler scoffed. “Take your pick of anyone who came through the last few weeks.”

“Yeah, I get that, but isn’t that kind of black market territory?” Mikari asked, then, realizing the subject matter she was getting into, amended, “I mean, the selling and buying of it for weapon usage. Not the production of it. Er…” She hung her head as she heard Kaie’s failure at hiding his increasing discomfort, “Sorry, Sir.”

Kaie sighed, “It’s fine, Yuki.” He shook his head and stood up, “I’ll do some investigating of the shops. Maybe the local Thieves’ Guild chapter has a Lamia on call? Who knows. At this rate it might just have been purchased before it was black listed.”

“Wasn’t that like… twenty years ago though?” Mayoi asked.

“Twenty-seven, actually,” Tyler corrected her, and blinked when everyone looked at him. “What? Okay. Seriously. Did ANYONE pay attention during biology class?” Then, upon receiving no reply from anyone, he asked, “What about the guide book? Has Anyone kept up to date with the guidebook?”

Nobody responded to that one.

Matoi Tsubaki had left the blacksmith shop and went to take her lunch break a little bit before the noon hour. Thus, Mayoi had just missed her by two hours. So much for a second round of questioning. As she left the smith shop, she passed by a small grass field that was filled with a bunch of kids and an Iconox serving as teacher. Despite school being canceled due to the murder, it seemed that one particular class decided to still meet regardless.

The grass in the clearing was still wet from the earlier rain, but nobody seemed to mind save the Undine girl, who was gleefully soaking in the excess moisture from the air and ground.

“Slow and Steady wins the Race, it has been said many a time. Nobody is quite sure where that saying comes from, but it’s something that has been around from the dawn of our world,” the Ice Elemental teacher was speaking. “Now, historically we saw the phrase used sarcastically, but over the more modern years since the Cataclysm, we’ve seen it take on a more serious tone. Especially with the advent of the… ah…”

The teacher paused as he saw Mayoi staring at him. That Blue Uniform in and of itself gave away her profession, but she flashed her badge at him anyways with a friendly smile and a mouthed, “don’t mind me!”

“Er,” The Teacher continued, “With the Mystryal Detective Agency, and its related Academy. Thefts, murders, all types of crimes used to be handled locally by the town guards, but often times it ended up being a rush job. Innocents were hurt, and criminals often got free. Now, however…” The teacher laughed nervously, “It’s funny that we were scheduled to talk about this today anyways, because it seems that someone from Mystryal is here watching us.”

The students there all ‘oooh’ed at that, and Mayoi took that as her cue to walk over. “Oh, no, please, don’t stop on my account.” She grinned, “I’m on break right now.”

“Oh? Is there nothing we can do for you then?” The teacher asked.

“Hmm, well…” Mayoi smiled faintly, “did anyone take enchanting classes?” A few students raised their hands. “Sweet. I’ll want to speak with you after your teacher’s done with class.”

“Hmm, alright,” The teacher nodded, then smiled, “Feel free to correct me if I misspeak, Detective…?”

“Kana Mayoi,” Mayoi replied with a smile. “And sure, I’ll speak up if you get something wrong. It’d be rude not to, really.”

“Well, alright then!” The teacher clapped his hands. “So, where was I?” A young girl, the water elemental who had been absorbing the ambient moisture, raised her hand. “Gahli?” The teacher called on her.

“Mys’ryal’s ‘nfluence on slow an’ steady, Mis’rr Paka.” The Undine girl said clearly despite her missing front teeth. Mayoi had to resist ‘daw’ing at the girl’s accent.

“Yes! That’s right!” ‘Mister Paka’, Mayoi assumed was what the girl had said, nodded. “Mystryal was founded on the principals of justice, proper justice, for all. The Academy and Agency were built on twin, uninhabited islands that had never been named until that moment. There, they developed the modern techniques for investigating crime.” He paused, “Since then, taking the slow, but sure and steady, path towards a victory stopped being a joke. All over the world now, people look for the tiny details missed when rushing ahead.”

The Teacher had gotten most of that right, except that the islands had been named well before then, and only those who physically went there were allowed to know the secret names of the twin islands as both a Way-gate security measure, as well as a way to prevent a summoning onto the islands by someone who was not actually supposed to be on them.

Mayoi sat and observed the students as they listened to their Teacher continue onto the rest of the class, how other common idioms and their like had been changed by Mystryal’s influence. The Iconox Teacher got most of his facts ‘right,’ in that he was saying the things that he was supposed to be saying, which gave Mayoi room to breathe with her main task for the moment- focusing on the kids that had raised their hands before.

Their attention was more focused on her now as well, rather than their teacher. Some were concerned, others curious as to what was going to be asked of them. And then there was one girl, a Spriggain around Ayako’s age with short, dark pink hair, and a shade of pale-green skin that gave off the impression of freshly growing grass. Her turquoise eyes showed a bit of worry, and her mouth was opened slightly as if trying to hold back something important until just the right time.

Mayoi made a mental note to talk to her alone as soon as possible.

The class ended and dispersed after a few more minutes, although almost everyone who wasn’t asked to stay had only moved away just enough to be considered ‘dispersed’ but were also still in listening range, the teacher included. “All right kids, so I guess you have an inkling of why school was canceled today?” Mayoi asked.

“Someone was killed,” A Gnome girl replied.

“That’s right,” Mayoi nodded. “I’m here to investigate his death.”

“It was Mister Tsubaki, wasn’t it?” Spriggain girl asked.

Smart as a whip, that one. Mayoi was forced to nod as she answered, “Yeah. Sorry to break the news.”

“I can’t say I’m mad, is that wrong?” A Lycan boy mused, blue clawed fingers flexing in discomfort while his crimson eyes narrowed as he recalled the close past. “He kept giving me bad grades even though I kept turning in the same quality work as the girl next to me.” He jabbed a thumb over at the Gnome Girl to clarify which girl he was talking about.

“Yeah, Miri was definitely his favorite, even among us girls,” The Gnome girl nodded in agreement. Spriggain girl said nothing, but looked uncomfortable at that.

“So you think mister Tsubaki was grading people unfairly based on their gender?” Mayoi asked, and every kid there nodded in response.

“What? Really?” Mister Paka frowned, stepping back into easy conversation range. “I’ve never heard of this before. We knew Miri excelled in a few of her classes, so we’d just accepted that all of the complaints towards enchanting were just a general jealousy for her excelling… that’s what Shirou said and we never had a reason to doubt him.”

“Of course nobody took it seriously,” The Lycan boy griped, “Mister Tsubaki was on the teacher’s council. So he’d hide all the more serious complaints to keep anyone from catching on.”

“I did a tes’ on one of his tes’s once,” the Undine girl from before spoke then. “I pr’determ’n’d my answers ahead of time for th’ tes’, an’ wrote thos’ ans’ers down even if I knew it was right or not. I still got an A desp’te intent’on’ly missin’ over half th’ questions!”

“What-!?” The teacher’s surprise mirrored Mayoi’s own.

“Tha’s not the wors’ of it!” The Undine continued, finally feeling as if a cork had been released and all the complaints bubbled out from within. “When I got my tes’ back, I compared it to the ans’ers I’d chose… and they’d been changed! He changed my own hand’ritin’ on the tes’s with magic, somehow!”

Mayoi’s attention was held rapt on this fact for a moment. ‘That explains the ‘staying late at night grading papers’ part,’ she frowned. ‘He’s been rigging the student’s grades. But why?’

“That’s…” The teacher was surprised. “I cannot believe that he would do that!” While the rest of the students continued to try to convince their teacher of their other teacher’s wrongdoings, Mayoi spied the Spriggain girl slip away to the side. Mayoi moved along to follow.

After a few moments, they got out of the hearing range of the now gossiping students that were edging closer and closer to the ‘discussion’ going on between the teacher and some of the other students, and the Spriggain girl stopped to introduce herself.

“I’m Lizzy, Miri’s my drawing class partner, but we still sit next to each other in enchanting,” she explained.

“I take it you’ve got something important to say?” Mayoi asked. “Looks like you’ve been holding it back all afternoon.”

“Mister Tsubaki always messed with grades before Miri transferred in,” ‘Lizzy’ explained. “He just was better at hiding it before then.”

“So what changed?” Mayoi asked.

“Miri figured it out. One day after class Miri stayed behind to confront him about why she got a better grade than I did,” Lizzy’s voice lowered into a whisper. “It was one of those really hot summer days, you know?”

Mayoi nodded, understanding the concept from her days back in the Mystryal Academy. On the really hot summer days, it was common practice for students to wear less of the normal uniform. Nobody ever really thought anything of it unless it was impeding on ceremony or professionalism while on the job.

“I think… that had something to do with how it started between them,” Lizzy said quietly, but with a voice full of concern. “Miri’s always struggled with enchanting, so when she told me the next day that Mister Tsubaki was offering her private tutoring sessions…” She glanced over at the poor Mister Paka suddenly having to deal with an argument with his entire class over Shirou Tsubaki’s wrongdoings. “After that, she got better grades, yeah, but I personally didn’t see her work get any better.”

“You think that’s when they…?” Mayoi trailed off as she spotted the Undine girl looking at them. Lizzy looked as well, and sighed. Mayoi subtly motioned at her mouth and then her eyes, to which Lizzy nodded.

Lip reader. They both turned then, backs to the students. Thus, they missed seeing the Undine girl huff in teenaged annoyance at not being able to spy on a conversation.

“Yeah, that’s when I think they started sleeping together,” Lizzy nodded. “On a hunch, I followed Miri the next day after that,” Lizzy scratched at her nose as green hued face shifted to the pink side. “They… yeah. They were… y’know?”

“Okay okay! Say no more,” Mayoi nodded, ending that line of thought before it manifested into a disturbing mental… im… age… ‘Okay! Never mind! Brain bleach needed on Isle Four!’ She shook her head to clear the thought. ‘Ugh. Well, there’s that fact confirmed, at least.’

Lizzy continued on, “I mean, it seemed like they both were okay with it, but I knew it was going to get them in trouble. I could just tell they weren’t using the proper warding at all,” she sighed. “I couldn’t even tell her she was pregnant, once I started seeing the signs.”

“Why not?” Mayoi asked.

“Magic. How else?” Lizzy bit out a sarcastic reply as she crossed her arms. “Mister Tsubaki enchanted her glasses specifically to block out everything regarding their relationship. She’d just get this far away look in her eyes whenever I brought it up. I’m really worried he cast some magic spell on her besides that, too. It’d probably be the same spell that he used on the teachers to make them ignore his grade manipulating, if he cast one like it.”

Mayoi considered all of that. It was a horrible situation, for sure. Enchantments of that kind edged dangerously on the highly illegal side of things. Just this fact alone would have been enough to get someone to kill the unlucky Leprechaun.

“I have to ask you something important, Lizzy,” Mayoi began. “I want you to not tell anyone unless they’re part of my team, okay?”

Lizzy nodded, “Okay.”

“Do you know anyone who would have a rapier with a shock enchantment?” Mayoi asked the most critical question.

Lizzy thought the question over for a moment before asking, “Is… is that what killed him?”

“It’s looking like it, yes,” Mayoi nodded.

“I can think of about half a dozen people who prefer shock enchantments, and a lot of people in town use rapiers as a common Anti-Harpy weapon, Mister Tsubaki himself included among them,” Lizzy answered. “And that’s not counting the Town guard who use rotating enchantments on their weapons. But a few of them use flame or frost enchants exclusively though, so that’d narrow it down to… half the town, maybe?”

“Anyone who would specifically have a beef with Mister Tsubaki?” Mayoi asked. It had to be asked, just in case this had nothing to do with Miri Nori.

“His wife?” Lizzy shrugged. “Miss Tsubaki runs the blacksmith shop in town. Rapiers are one of her specialties. They’re good against Harpies, she says, so she sells a lot of them.”

“Well that narrows it down a bit,” Mayoi frowned. “Listen, if you can think of anything else, come find me or my team at the Import Shop. We’re using it as a base while we’re here on the island.”

“Okay, I will,” Lizzy nodded.

“Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to have a word with the school staff.” Mayoi paused, then asked, “By the way, how good is your enchanting? Just out of curiosity.”

“Um, fairly good, I think,” Lizzy’s face darkened slightly. “I mean, I’ve never been tested properly. My grades took a hit after I started poking around, but I’ve always had a knack for it.”

“Heh, good to know,” Mayoi smiled, “maybe you’ll get a chance to get some proper training in once all this is settled up.”

“Maybe! That’d be nice,” Lizzy nodded.

And so, with that conversation wrapped up a few moments later, the two of them walked back over to Mister Paka and his horde of gossiping students. The Undine girl stuck her tongue out at Lizzy and said something unbecoming about being a spoil sport. Lizzy then easily defused the conversation by replying that lip reading was just as bad, which shut the Undine girl up.

Mayoi smiled, she liked how this girl thought.

“Alcor and Mizar, this is horrible!” The School Principal gasped as she looked over every complaint report filed by the students of Shirou Tsubaki’s enchanting class. “How did we never notice this before?” For the moment, she ignored the trio of detectives in front of her to read over the reports.

Mayoi had let Mikari take the lead on this conversation so far, and so it was she who spoke, “Our current theory is that Shirou enchanted something common to the teaching staff to prevent you from noticing.”

“The only thing common we all would use is the coffee maker in the staff lounge,” the Principal massaged her chin for a moment. “Enchanted coffee? Why would he do such a thing? None of this makes any sense.”

“Agreed on that front, Coffee should never be tampered with!” Mayoi accompanied the sentence with the simple motion of slamming her left fist into her right hand’s palm like a hammer striking an anvil.

“Besides that,” Kaie withheld the urge to sigh, “There’s some motive here we’re missing that’s making all of this look more complicated than it really is.”

“If we can take a look at that coffee maker?” Mikari asked. “Maybe we can fix it so it doesn’t mind control people anymore.”

“It’s worth a try,” The Principal nodded, and led them out of her office to the teacher’s lounge. “Shirou cheating the grades and causing such a dilemma with the students… I just can’t fathom why he would do it.”

“We’re also looking for a Rapier with a Shock enchantment on it,” Ayako spoke up. “Do you know of anyone who might have a grudge against Mister Tsubaki who might own one?”

“On staff?” The Principal shook her head. “No, sorry. Nobody owns one to my knowledge.”

“Hmf, well it narrows it down a little,” Kaie grumbled.

They entered the teacher’s lounge a few moments later, and it was then that Mikari had a realization. “We… forgot to bring an enchanting expert,” she face palmed. “How are we supposed to tell if it’s enchanted or not?” She paused for a moment, then corrected, “I mean, if it was meant to be an unobservant enchantment, how can we observe… what’s meant to be unobservable?”

“That… is a good question,” Kaie frowned.

“I’ll call someone in,” Mayoi smirked. “But for now… Let’s see that coffee maker?”

“Sure,” The Principal motioned them towards the refreshment table, “it should be right over…. here?”

There was a conspicuous lack of a coffee maker on the table, instead, a simple outline in the dust where something had been resting.

“…Okay, I swear it was in here this morning,” The Principal frowned. “I even drank from it which really wasn’t that smart of an idea, come to think of it.”

“Right then, I’m going to go see if I can call in someone,” Mayoi turned to leave. “Nobody leaves this room after me, alright? Aya, you’re with me.”

“Okay,” Ayako nodded, and followed Mayoi back down the hallway.

“Good luck getting through,” Kaie called after her.

“Hah! I might need it,” Mayoi laughed back, and then added under her breath, “Now where’s a bloody phone at?”

Once Mayoi and Ayako had left, Kaie turned his attention to the Principal. “So how well did you know Shirou Tsubaki before he came to work as a teacher?” He asked.

“Hm, I never met him before that day, actually,” the woman shook her head. “He was assigned the job here by request of the last enchanting teacher when he died, actually.”

“Someone else died?” Mikari asked, surprised by that development.

“It was old age, I’m afraid,” the Principal explained. “He was almost ninety years old at the time, and he didn’t take very good care of himself when he was younger. We were all surprised he lasted as long as he did. That was… almost ten years ago now that he died.” She mused for a moment, “Actually, now that I think about it, I remember now that the coffee maker was his. Nobody knew how to work it right, and then one day Shirou figured it out.” She nodded then, as if sure of something important. “Yes, I remember now, he said that the coffee maker had a special enchantment on it that made it run without an external power source. It was all internal!”

“Huh,” Kaie blinked, staring at the empty spot for a moment before looking over the rest of the table. “And that was the only thing?”

“No, actually, I just remembered something else,” The Principal said, eyes widening just a bit. “It’s like a curtain has been lifted all of a sudden! I remember that the former Enchantments teacher had a walking cane that had a hidden blade inside the handle. It had a shock enchantment on it, and he’d use it to scare the Lightning Beetles and the Harpies away! It was always extremely potent against the Harpies for some reason!”

“Lemme guess,” Mikari mused as she walked over to the table that should have housed the coffee maker. “Rapier style blade?”

“Yes, I think it was,” the Principal nodded. “I haven’t thought about that cane-sword in years, though. It was among… among… what was his name? Damn, I can’t believe I forgot his name. It was among our old enchanter’s possessions when he died. “

“Just give it some time,” Mikari guessed, “I think you’re breaking through the enchantments from the coffee maker.”

“Yuki?” Kaie asked in a warning tone, wanting to know where she was going with this.

“What was it? Fishstick?” the Principal muttered. “Filip?”

“Hey, Detective Kaie,” Mikari hummed as she looked over the table. “This enchanter made his Coffee Machine with something that passively made people ignore things, yeah?”

“Sounds like it, yes,” Kaie nodded.

“Yeee…arr… Yeard? Beard? No, he didn’t have a beard,” The Principal shook her head. “Warren Geerald? No. That wasn’t it. The G though… that sounds…”

“So wouldn’t it make sense that Shirou would modify it to be even more passive?” Mikari smirked faintly.

“Gimmel? …Kibbel?” The Principal continued to mutter.

Kaie frowned, “What are you aiming at, kid?”

“This!” Mikari stuck her hand out towards the space the coffee maker had been in, then flicked a finger.


“Bell!” The Principal snapped her fingers, “Rodney G. Bell! That was his name!”

And exactly on cue, the Coffee Maker shimmered back into the visible plane.

“It never left the room!” Mikari grinned at Kaie.

All Kaie could say in response was, “Sometimes you’ve just gotta love Magic.”

“Eyuuup,” Mikari echoed with a nod.


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