TRC – Rewind 1


MARCH 29th, 1611.

Your name is Mikari Yuki, and you are so screwed. Your teacher rants and raves at you, practically throwing every insane excuse in the book at you for the last week of ‘nonsensical theories’ you’d spouted his way. The fact that you guessed so many things about his life- and it wasn’t that hard, all things considered- made him mad to the point of nearly assigning you detention… Or worse. He was glaring metaphorical daggers at you that you’re sure were meant to kill.

You were going to talk to the principal, say that it wasn’t right that he was doing this. Plus the haunted looks he’d been sending your way when he came staggering into class… He was mad and insane and he was very likely to kill you.

And then the Detective from Mystryal arrived on a case, entering your classroom and confronted your teacher. “Joel Crunch?” The woman- an orange scaled dragon with piercing green eyes- addressed your teacher.

“Yeah!? What is it!?” Your teacher glared at her.

“You’re–” The Detective began…

“Under arrest for the murder of your wife!” You, however, interrupt, yelling aloud the secret theory that you’ve been nursing for days now.

The Detective looks at you, confused. “How in Mizar’s name did you–?”

“FUUUUUUU—-!!!” Your Teacher dove for the window, shoved it open and jumped through in one motion.

“…Aren’t you going after him?” You ask as you hear a loud splash.

“Nah,” the woman smirked as she put a hand by her ears. “Give it another three… two…”

Suddenly, a loudspeaker clicks on, followed by a man yelling through it, “JOEL CRUNCH YOU’RE UNDER ARREST FOR THE MURDER OF ALEXANDRA CRUNCH, RESISTING ARREST, AND DISTURBING THE FISH!!”

The Detective lady came over to your desk and sat down on its edge as she looked you in the eye, “What’s your name, kid?”

“Mikari Yuki, ma’am,” You said with as much grace as your six-year-old-self can muster.

“Mikari, I’m Detective Kana Mayoi,” She offered you her hand and you shake it. “How’d you know your teacher killed his wife?”

“Well, he was acting really dumb after his wife died,” Dumb is the only word you have for it. Your vocabulary just hasn’t learned the right word for it yet. ‘Evasive’ and ‘jittery’ are what you’re looking for, but ‘Dumb’ is all you have. “And he was being mean in class too.” You then add in a whisper, “He kept giving us extra homework.”

“And somehow that equaled him killing his wife?” Miss Mayoi asked.

“I just knew,” You answered honestly.

Those green eyes looked you over for a bit, and then she speaks, “Mikari, I want you to give your parents this card. Tell them that in a few years when you’re older, give the first number a call.” She handed you a business card. “If you just want to talk at any time, and ask me questions, call the second one. That one’s my personal line.” You looked at the card in awe as she stands up. “I hope to see you in a few years, Mikari,” And with that, the Dragon Detective, Kana Mayoi slipped out of the room. Such was the moment that you met the woman who would become your mentor.

You couldn’t wait to tell your sister. But not even an hour later, your twin sister was found dead in a stairwell at school.

For a moment, you scowled at the Amulet of the Reaper that was placed around your sister’s neck. It was just a cheap trinket, really. A plate of metal with a modified version of the Reaper’s summoning circle engraved onto it and painted in with green paint. You had one yourself, both of you had bought them at some tourist’s stall during a family vacation on the island of Mizar’s Sword. The stall owner said that the charms brought good luck and health to those who wore them.

A fat load of good it did your sister.

Sheer coincidence. That was all it was. That on that same day that… that…

Stairs. She had just tripped down the stairs and— Where was the justice in that?? Where was the power to get justice for someone who just fell to their death without reason or sense!?

It was impossible. It was surely impossible. There had to be a reason for it. There HAD to be a reason your sister was DEAD.

Her face stares up at you serenely, and you… Wait.

You lean in closely, and you spy a small gash on the side of her face. Slightly… angular? Like a sharp corner? The stairs at your school were rounded. Everything in that stairwell should have been rounded– this…

This was wrong.

You called the detective’s number on her card, and then you told her your theory.

You aren’t sure why she believed you but she came and interrogated your teacher anyways. What he admitted to would haunt you for the rest of your life.

Your insane teacher who had killed his wife had ran into your sister in the stairwell. Because of what you’d said in class during the week before, he decided that you knew too much, and killed her, thinking that he was killing you instead.

He had no way of knowing that you actually had a twin sister- you were never in the same classes, after all. No wonder he was glaring at you suspiciously that morning he’d been arrested.

Your theories had gotten your sister killed.

It was just a case of mistaken identity.

Where was the justice in that?

…Justice, huh?

You stopped wearing your Amulet of the Reaper the day you fully committed to going to Mystryal academy.


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