TRC – Rewind 0


Your name is Tyler Obonz and you have just started classes at Mystryal Academy at the still-young-but-legally-adult age of 16 years. Your parents thought of your decision as a brilliant move in a long line of (already abandoned) career choices. They applauded your soon-to-be-detective status and cheered at the opportunity and position that would come from being a detective.

You… neglected to mention that you would be majoring towards becoming a certified coroner instead of a field detective, which would add an extra year to your class time. They never noticed.

You are ten times more comfortable with dead bodies than living ones. Living people tend to hurt your heart and make you cry. So many times while growing up, you’d ask for help, (Hey! Listen!!) and nobody would ever give it to you. It didn’t matter what it was, when it came down to it, alive sentient beings always let you down.

Dead ones can’t do that. Dead bodies can’t do much aside from lying there and stink up a room, really. (And Decay/Rot/Decompose.)

Still, there’s a fascination you have with how the various dead of the world work. A Dragon’s innards are different from a Spriggain’s. Elementals leave behind bodies that seem devoid of their entire element. A Lycan’s body lacks a certain organ that humans have—even if they’ve been turned from human to wolf via bite.

(Gotta Love Magic.)

You don’t understand it all quite yet, but you will. Even if you have to sit through classes like Major History and Enchantment 101 to understand anything new. (Why is history mandatory?)

“Back before the Cataclysm, Mizar and Alcor could be summoned much like any of the Ascendant Creators,” The history class teacher droned on. “From what we know, The Cataclysm’s final fight with The Traitor Flame Princess involved binding the Ancient Twins to mortal bodies in order to fight the ring leader of the Cataclysm. After that, they are rumored to have either fallen into slumber on the moons, or their souls locked into the reincarnation cycle. If you tried to summon either of them today, all you’d get is either the basic answering message or a redirect to the Reaper in Green, as her circle contains the glyphs for Alcor and Mizar in it.”

You sigh, tuning out the teacher, and look up at the projected picture of the twin spirits, Alcor and Mizar, in their “Mortal” guises. Alcor had taken up the mantle of some unidentified race in full-on crimson knight armor. No real body traits could be seen beyond that. Human? Lycan? Maybe some elemental? (You personally suspect Undine.)

Mizar, however, had very definitely taken the body of an Imp woman with long, flowing hair. She was posed dramatically before a low level Pyromander soldier army in the same picture, swinging her sword at the mind-controlled elementals in question, plus their willingly serving general, and generally looking awesome while kicking the Flame Princess’s army’s ass.

But there is something odd about it to you. Something is just off. It is a Modern re-creation of an older piece, you note, so it might just be some bias leaking in. You think her clothing might simply be lacking enough red. It’s much too blue, you think. More… purple, maybe? Maybe that’s why it changed, to prevent clashing with the hair? (Purple feels accurate.) They definitely got the hair length right, though. (You’re sure of that fact all of a sudden). The dramatic flair of that pose just called and beckoned to a warrior whose hair flowed like a wave as her strikes crashed down with all the force of a tsunami. Mizar had been a force to be reckoned with, despite her well-known, bubbly personality.


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